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Our Products >> Bison

MORE-XEL Scanning
CYMA Dental
Dental Diode laser
CYMA Clinic
Slim Wave

Our Products >> Denjoy

Apex Locator
Endo Motor
Pulp Tester
Gutta Percha Obturator
LED Curing Light
LED Whitening Light
Ultrasonic Scaler
Instruments & Material
Ni-Ti Endo File

No. Product Image Product Name Specification
1 Toshiba sensor-DXS
Digital X-ray Sensor
(Manufactured by
Toshiba, Japan)
Acquire the most distinctive images with the lowest dose of radiation.
Composition: 1) Sensor Head 2) Controller 3) USB Cable
Manufactured by Toshiba Elec Tubes and Devices
Intra-oral receiver of X-ray energy by the dentist to obtain instant digital images
Acquire absolute images with the exposure time between 0.03 seconds and 0.11
Sensor Head Dimensions; Size 1 Sensor (Approx. 40×25×5.2 mm)/ Size 2 Sensor
  (Approx. 44×31×5.2 mm
2 X Cube
Implant engine
Reduction geared contra angle with internal and external irrigation
Reduction ration 16:1 / 20:1 / 32:1 / 64:1
Surgical BLDC motor first made in Korea with high technology and know-how
Ergonomic foot control pedal
Compact designed control box with various functions
BLDC motor speed controlled from 600~50,000rpm and 32:1 reduction geared
contra angle provides the optimum torque in surgery
Automatic overload protection function
LED Optic Implant engine
Optic LED handpiece with internal and external irrigation.Optic handpiece compatible with
  Kavo and NSK
Reduction ration 1:5 / 1:4 / 1:1 / 16:1 / 20:1 / 27:1 / 32:1 / 64:1
BLDC motor with speed up to 40,000rpm
10 program memory
Real time torque and RPM shown on the screen
Automatic overload protection function
4 ADX 4000
Portable X-ray
All in one - X-ray, digital sensor, display (4 inch TFT-LCD), computer processor
System control using embedded Linux system
User interface for the user's convenience
X-ray emission time setting and control
Display setting of brightness, light and shade
Display data transferable to PC via USB cable // Detachable battery : 2 pcs
5 DX 3000
Portable X-ray
Small size and light weight (150mm x 78mm x 130mm / 1.4kg)
Detachable battery : 2 pcs
Conventional X-ray radiation reduction to 1/7
High-frequency circuit of inverter type
Use with either digital sensor or film
Wired remote control (Optional)
6 No Pain
Painless anesthetic
Pain free during anesthesia injection
Slow and gradual auto injection eliminates pain
Foot switch operation
Very easy to use, light and compact
The injecting needle optimizes the process of anesthesia injection
7 SurgyStrar
Ultrasonic Piezo Implant
Realized Stable High Power
Maximised delivery quantity of saline solution
Multi-Function & ergonomics designed foot switch
Applied large sterilizing tray
Clean and Prickle design. Soft and easy touch screen
Provided various Tips inclduing apicoectomy, sinus memberane elevator tip
Provided various program according to each operation.
8 Ejoa
Portable painless
anesthetic injector
Exclusively Patented Technology(ACIS-Auto Controlled Injection System)
Automatically controls the pressure while anesthetic procedure is being taken place
  depending on the
condition of oral structure.
Chargeable Device – Portable(Easy to move)
Automatic Pressure Control System
Handpiece Type or Tube Type
Automatic mode or Manual mode
9 Basic Kit
(Implant surgery kit)
Basic implant surgery kit specially designed for novice implant surgeons.
Portable and covering all instruments necessary for implant surgery
Contents : Seldin, Prichard, Molt9, Ochenbein chisel, Scalpel holder, Straight, Minnesota   retractor,
Surgical curette, Gracey curette 13-14, P24G, T/C 15cm, Hemostates, Iris T/C(11cm),   Lagrange(14cm),
Bone rongeur(14cm), Towel clamp, Titanium suction, Wide tweezer, Castro caliper,
  Mirror SET,
Instrument pouch
10 Bone & skin
allograft products
FDA, USA approved
DBM(Demineralized Bone Matrix): Osteoinduction, Easy shape or size change,
  outstanding biocompatibility
FDBA(Freeze Dried Bone Allograftt): 100% Allograft bone, Osteoinduction,
  Convenient use
Acellular Dermal Matrix: Human membrane, Same function & safty as autograft
FDA, USA approved in 2003: the first company in this field in ASIA
Compatible with Kavo Mach Lite Standard type or Torque Type
Quality approved from world market : supplying over 50 countries for almost 10years

Our Products >> Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaner applications in hospital:

Mainly used in hospitals scalpel, forceps, hemostats, endoscopic biopsy forceps, needles, various size syringes, test tubes, glass, dressing bowls, various plates, drums, pressure and other radioactive pollution, large -volume, deep degree cleaning and disinfection and so on.

Ultrasonic cleaner has been one of the necessary equipment for hospital operating room, supply room and sterilization centers and research institutes, pharmaceutical laboratories.

Our Products >> Plastic Ultrasonic


Our Products

Cordless/ Portable/ Digital X- Ray

Model DX3000

  • X-ray generator high frequency
  • Tube voltage 60kV(fixed)
  • Tube current 1mA and 2mA (fixed)
  • Tube type Stationary
  • Tube focal spot 0.8mm
  • Target angle 20°
  • Exposure time: (increase 0.05sec) 0.05 ~1.35sec
  • Power requirement DC 14.2~16.8V
  • Weight 1.8kg
  • Detector Film / Digital Sensor
  • Power supply rechargeable battery
  • Display Graphic LCD


Model ADX4000

  • X-ray generator high frequency
  • Tube voltage 60kV(fixed)
  • Tube current 1mA and 2 mA(fixed)
  • Tube type Stationary
  • Tube focal spot 0.8mm
  • Target angle 20°
  • Exposure time: (increase 0.05sec) 0.05~1.35sec
  • Power requirement DC 14.2~16.8V
  • weight 2.2kg
  • Detector Film / Digital Sensor
  • Power supply Rechargeable battery
  • Display 3.5"TFT-LCD(radiation image display)
  • Image processing (Brightness/contrast/ invert/zoom/mirror)

  • Incredible reduction of X-ray exposure up to 1/7 of existing X-ray systems
  • Compact portable dental X-ray in size and weight (2Kg)
  • Adopting high frequency circuit of inverter type
  • Simultaneous usage of digital sensor and film is possible
  • More than 300 radiography is possible with one time charging of battery
  • Image checking in real-time by built in TFT LCD
  • Acquisition of X-ray images of high quality using built-in diverse image processing technology
  • Memory device of big capacity to manage and store the images taken
  • Transmission of X-ray images to PC by way of USB cable

Auto Controlled Injection System
  • Steady injection speed & pressure
  • Just the required injection amount
  • Provides psychological stability to
  • Compact & Portable Design
  • Has both automatic and manual mode
  • AMSA, P-ASA, PDL, Block Injection,
  • Built in battery, chargeable device,
    wireless, comfortable to move around
  • Minimized injecting pain without any changes of pressure or hand shaking
  • The speed and effect of anesthesia is
    optimized by safe and low speed injecting
    of small amount
  • Micro needle provides no pain during the
  • The equipment works most effectively for
    injecting inter-dental mastoid, infiltration
    anesthesia and periodontium anesthesia
  • The injector is easy to use as it is light
    weight and compact pen-shaped
  • AMSA, P-ASA, PDL, Block Injection,

Surgical Dental Microscope

6 step/zoom, inclinable head, two lighting system (white and yellow), very good ergonomics, video and digital camera for documentation.

Improved co-axial lighting and magnification are the obvious benefits of the Seiler Dental Microscope. There are additional benefits to microscope use in the areas of endodontics, oral surgeries, periodontics, restorative and implant dentistry.

Locate and cleanly prepare the canals, retrieve broken instruments, aids in identifying additional canals, aids in caries, imperfection, and abnormality detection.Provides an ergonomic posture during procedures limiting neck, back, and shoulder fatigue. Provides an ergonomic posture that will extend the working time without fatigue and help alleviate pain from bad posture. Minimize the size of the incision at the surgical site to facilitate quick healing and patient comfort. Allows high quality restoration, placement of crowns, composite, amalgam, veneers, etc. Improves tooth and margin preparations, marginal fit and closer evaluation of marginal tissues. Improves diagnoses and precision in treatment, making difficult cases manageable. Completely clean canals, reshape filling material, and contour implants for an accurate bite. Provide precision during suture placement and connective tissue grafts. Improves your ability to see, evaluate, diagnose, and operate at the surgical site more clearly.

Video and Digital Cameras can be adapted to fit the scope to provide better patient education, aids in assistant view, and provides documentation of procedures.

PSP Imaging System: Model - DIGIREX

Phosphor plates have all the benefits of traditional X-ray film with the immediacy and environmental benefits of digital radiography. There is no need for hazardous and costly film processing chemicals with the Digirex PSP scanner. Patient comfort is also assured with thin flexible plates in multiple sizes. After a quick scan of exposed plates, high resolution images are ready to be stored, emailed and printed at the touch of a button. Plates can be used over and over saving time and money on costly traditional film

The apixia PSP scanner packs tremendous imaging power into small package. Tiny enough to fit into the most crowded dental operatories for handy chairside use, yet robust enough to be placed in a central location for use by the entire clinics. The apixia PSP scanner is ideal product for any size dental practice

The software deliver’s dozens of powerful features, presented with simplicity and technological elegance that make the system snap for every user. Apixia gives unlimited user licenses to install on as many computers as you wish.


Dimension : 258mmx138mmx183mm
Weight : 3.6Kg
Voltage : AC 100-240 V 60/50 Hz
Scan Time : Less than 10 sec
Resolution : 17lp/mm
Connection Type : USB 2.0
Plate sizes : 0, 1, 2 and 3
Plate Erasing : Automatic


RVG / Digital Sensor: KRYSTAL-X

  • Digital imaging in all simplicity
  • High definition at reduced dose.
  • Leading edge technology that combines a leaded fibre optic plate, a high resolution CCD and a CSI scintillator screen, the Krystal-X is capable of acquiring high resolution quality images at low doses.
  • A portable system
  • The Krystal-X Easy sensor has been conceived to be integrated with your X-ray generator, while maintaining the possibility to quickly move it from one operatory to another. Thanks to its wall mount and integrated sensor support the practitioner can move the Krystal-X
  • Easy system in a quick and easy way and retain perfect working ergonomics.
  • Wonderful and easy to operate software with implant planning options
  • Technology : CCD + fibre optics + CSI scintillator
  • Sensor resolution : 26.3 lp/mm
  • Active area :30 mm x 20 mm (600 mm²), 34 mm x 24 mm (816 mm²)

  • A new dimension for a complete diagnosis
  • Different options available:
    o Panaromic
    o Panaromic + Cephalometric
    o Panaromic + Cephalometric + 3D
    o Cone beam Dental CT
  • Technological innovation, trustworthy diagnosis, universal precise positioning, high definition sensor, data portability, network sharing and program selection and user friendly all times
  • 16 programs,
  • The I-Max Touch/Ceph and I-Max Touch 3D, range of digital imaging solutions is evolutive, simple and fast.
  • The panoramic unit acquires 3D exams and complete panoramic exams in the wink of an eye. The Cephalometric option further extends the capabilities of the IMax Touch 3D through the acquisition of radiographies of the skull and the hand.

Broken Instrument Removal System

Extraction rapid, Reasonably quick operation, Little risk of pushing fragment further. Minimum loss of tooth substance,
Minimum weakening of root structure, No heat built up.


Whiten MAX BR 800 Professional teeth whitening unit

  • The unit has a combination of high tech LED module with 5 high power 3 watt leds ( 4- Blue and 1- Red) , with wider spectrum of bleaching efficiency and with adjustable bleaching time, giving teeth whitening more care and better results
  • Professional dental bleaching unit, ergonomic and streamlined design, pre-programmable, full mobility for chair side treatment, easy to clean and maintenance free.
  • 2 Modes: HIGH 100% output & LOW 70% output
  • Treatment cycles : 1 to 20 minutes session, preset for 10 minutes
  • LCD screen indicator
  • Sound signal in every 5 minutes during treatment
  • Over-heat indication & safety protection
  • Auto shut off after 60 seconds of idle status

Light Source : 4Nos of 3W Blue Leds and I No of 3W Red led
Output Spectrum : 450-470 nm (blue) and 620-630nm(red)
Voltage : AC100-240V, 50-60Hz, 1.2A
Weight : 6.7 Kgs net
Dimension : Arm length : 960mm, Total Height: 1245mm

Oral Cancer Screening Device

  • The unit is small and compact coupled with an angled examination mirror
  • The unit allows users to easily reach hard-to get at areas inside the mouth
  • Provides real time results
  • The combination of all three multi-spectral wave lengths provides the clinician with more visual information resulting in fewer false positive and increased confidence for recommending biopsies and reducing the need for follow upbiopsy
  • White light: Conventional examination of tissue is performed using a highly concentrated white light.
  • Violet light: Patented 405nm violet light enhances normal tissue's natural fluorescence; however, suspicious tissue will appear dark in color due to its loss of fluorescence.
  • Green-Amber light: Unique Green-Amber light helps observe the difference between normal and abnormal tissue's vasculature.
  • It's a simple yet effective screening tool that enhances visualization of mucosal abnormalities or premalignant dysplasia that may lead to oral cancer.
  • Avoids need for messy, bad fasting dyes/solution
  • When you scan with certainty, you detect with confidence.
  • Enhances perception of practice as the “ highest standard of care”


3D interactive training system

This system not only provides users a training and practice environment, but also provides instant feedback with realtime mistake warning messages. In between preparation, users can either choose to grade or verify the course session. In addition, previously worked on courses can be reviewed and evaluated.

Space location and 3D virtual reality technology

This system can track the movements of the dental handpieces and the simulator’s jaw. While operating the training system, the camera will pick up signals and show the exact location of the bur’s tip in relation to the tooth. This information is then shown on screen as a virtual threedimensional image. The system provides users to work in an environment that almost identical to the reality with its accuracy of the tracking system up to 0.1mm.

Professional training

The system built-in a series of basic courses such as Prosthetics, Oral Dentistry, Pedodontics and Endodontics lessons. The lessons contain not only the written lecture
but also actual cases teaching for students to learn. Highly flexible curriculum arrangement. Through the Scanner’s mathematic models, instructors can completely
set each courses solution and evaluation standards according to actual teaching needs, helping to achieve teaching goals.

Perfect and precise evaluation systems

Through the integration of Scanner and evaluation systems, achieve precise evaluation results.

Simple and effective tracking design

The tracking unit is designed with dual laser positioning systems. The operator can easily adjust tracking to the ideal position.

Left and right-handed compatibility

The hardware itself is also equipped with a left-handed handpiece which users can conveniently change to match their own needs.

Light weight handpiece design

Light weight ergonomic handpiece design in full set/half set, left/right hand options allowing for easy operation.

Extensive database of digital dental models

Extensive database of digital dental model statistics have been programmed into the system. This allows the tracking system to ideally encapsulate key characteristics of the dentition.

Simple calibrating system

The system does not require a complicated procedure for calibration. Users can conveniently learn to calibrate the system in a few simple steps.

Prospective compatibility

This system has more capabilities and compatibilities than any other competitor; future development into medical training systems is highly feasible. The system can easily be upgraded with the tracking system and the interactive software.

Research Microscope
• Complete range of oral pathology microscopes.
• Monocular, Binocular, Trinocular, Digital, Compound, Stereo and Inverted microscopes
• Bright Field, Dark Field, Phase Contrast, Fluorescence and Polarization microscopes
• Microscopy cameras and image analysis software.
• Microscope accessories

Fluorescence Microscope Pentahead Microscope Inverted Microscope Stereo Microscope
Punch Biopsy Tool / Biopsy Equipments

Biopsy Punch

Dental Punch
Automatic / Semi Automatic Microtome

Our Products >> Auto Clave

Origin Korea
Model Number Vacuum SpeedClave-28/48/60L
Brand Name Steam Sterilizer
Model:  Vacuum SpeedClave - 28L (28Liter)
 Vacuum SpeedClave - 48L (48Liter)
 Vacuum SpeedClave - 60L (60Liter)
  More Details.........


Sterilizing Series
18L/23L Class B Digital
18L/23L Class B LCD
8L/12L Class N

Ultrasonic Scaler Series
Woodpecker DTE-1
Woodpecker DTE-5
Woodpecker DTE-7
for UDS and EMS for DTE and Satelec
Ultrasurgery Cavity Preparation Golden Tips
Spare Parts NiTi U-Files
Woodpecker Ultrasurgery  
UDS Handpiece
DTE Handpiece

Light Cure Series
Woodpecker LED B
Woodpecker LED C
Woodpecker LED E
Woodpecker LED D
Woodpecker LED F
Woodpecker LED G
Fiber Optic Tips Power Tester

Intra Oral Camera Series
MD740 USB Type
MD950AUW Wireless USB
LCD Clamp
LK-I41 LK-I42
LK-I43 LK-I44

Our Products >> Roicrown

Latest product Massage chair series Foot massage machine
Toning machine
  • Reducing the abdominal fat of body,maintain the beautiful body shape
  • Burning 10-13 calories per minute,promote blood circulation
  • Excellent aerobics,accelerate the fat burning,body shaping
  • Excellent control levels of oscillation, effect muscles movements.
  • Improve body flexibility and elasticity,have excellent body shape
  • High intensity exercise build strong muscle,improve muscle endurance.
  • Powerful your biceps and triceps exercise.
  • Features 10 levels of oscillation for higher-efficiency calorie-burning.
  • Oscillates at wider angles to stimulate more muscle movement.
  • Designed with a resistance cord system for a more intense workout,The handles feature small massaging balls that give your
    hands a pleasant sensation as you grip them
  • Almost 25% more workout area than other conventional oscillators,offering more coverage and stabillity

Our Products >> ARI Hospital Equipment



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