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Dental Laser Services
DENTAL Q Extended Indication
  1. Painless Laser Anaesthesia
  2. Lingual Frenectomy and Frenotomy
  3. Aesthetic Gum Depigmetation
  4. Gingivectomy and Gingivoplasty
  5. Gingival Troughing
  6. Aesthetic Crown Lengthening
  7. Soft Tissue Grafting and Welding
  8. Root Canal Sterilization
  9. Periodontal Pocket Disinfection
  10. Operculum and Pericoronal Treatment
  11. Fibrotomy
  12. Pulpotomy and Pulp Capping
  13. Incise, Drain and Treatment of Abscess
  14. Implant Surgery
  15. Peri-implantitis Detoxification
  16. Haemostasis and Coagulation
  17. Vestibuloplasty
  18. Tooth Whitening
  19. Cervical and Occlusal Hypersensitivity
  20. Treatment of Aphthous Ulcers, Canker Sores, Herpetic Stomatitis, Leukoplakia etc.

CYMA DENTAL Extended Indication

  1. Laser Anaesthesia
  2. Cervical Hypersensitivity (Caused by mainly Abrasion and Erosion)
  3. Occlusal Hypersensitivity (Caused by mainly Abrasion, Attrition and Erosion)
  4. Lingual Frenectomy and Frenotomy
  5. Fluoride Application and Tooth Whitening/Bleaching
  6. Removal of Teeth and Gum Pigmentation
  7. Root Canal Irrigation, Disinfection/Sterilization
  8. Periodontal Pocket Disinfection as well as Bacteria control
  9. Crown Lengthening
  10. Gingival Incision, Excision and Gingivoplasty
  11. Pulpotomy
  12. Treatment of Tooth Abscess
  13. Implant Surgery
  14. Haemostasis after tooth extraction
  15. Haemostasis and Coagulation
  16. Gingival Troughing for Crown Impression
  17. Exposure of Unerupted Teeth (Orthodontist can place bracket on the same sitting by the help of this Gadget)
  18. Excisional and Incisional Biopsy
  19. Fibroma Removal
  20. Incision and Drainage of Abscess
  21. Operculectomy
  22. Oral Papillectomies
  23. Gingival Hypertrophy Reduction
  24. Treatment of Leukoplakia
  25. Vestibuloplasty
  26. Treatment of Canker Sores, Apthous Ulcers, Herpetic Stomatitis etc.

CYMA Dental 15 Indication mode explanation

  1. Laser anesthesia
  2. Lingual frenectomy
  3. Fluoride application & tooth bleaching
  4. Cervical hypersensitivity
  5. Occlusal hypersensitivity
  6. Removal of tooth pigmentation
  7. Tooth canal irrigation
  8. Periodontal pocket irrigation
  9. Crown lengthening procedure
  10. Treatment of tooth abscess
  11. Gingival incision / gingivoplasty
  12. Pulp capping (Disinfection/Sterillization)
  13. Implant surgery
  14. Hemostasis after tooth extraction
  15. Herpetic stomatitis

1. Laser anesthesia
An oval defocusing is performed a little bit off the enamelum and dentin for 30 to 40 seconds. Laser is irradiated on gingiva from a gingival margin to a root canal for 30 to 40 seconds.

2. Lingual frenectomy
Unlike the conventional treatment, the laser operation leaves fewer cases of bleeding due to hemostasis effect.
Tongue movement must be performed after the treatment in order to prevent the tongue from being agglutinated.

3. Fluoride application & tooth bleaching
Pit and fissure are cleaned using the laser, and fluorine is coated using a fluorine ion coater. An irradiation of approximately 15 seconds per tooth must be performed for whitening of a tooth.

4. Cervical hypersensitivity
The dentin is laser-irradiated for 3-10 seconds to close the dental canaliculi and to block the stimulus to dental pulp.

5. Occlusal hypersensitivity
A small circle is drawn suing laser to investigate the occlusal, and the power is adjusted to allow the laser to be emitted until the occlusal is changed to white.

6. Removal of tooth pigmentation
The laser is adjusted to a low mode, and irradiated on the gingival surface to increase the pigmentation.

7. Tooth canal irrigation
The laser is moved up and down after dilation of myotube, and a foot switch is softly depressed for approximately 2 seconds to irradiate the laser 3 to 5 times.

8. Periodontal pocket irrigation
Laser is used to remove abscess, if any, in the periodontal packets, and is irradiated on the gingival to relieve the pain

9. Crown lengthening procedure
Ridges on the gingival tissues to be removed are precisely checked and laser is irradiated thereon. At this time, be sure not to intrude biowidth.

10. Treatment of tooth abscess
A circularly-drawn laser anesthesia to the center of inflammatory area is initially performed to remove the pyemia in the periodontal packets. Successfully, a passage is made using laser irradiation to the center of the inflammatory area to remove the pyemia.

11. Gingival incision / gingivoplasty
A desired gingival height is set up, on which a laser surgical operation is performed. At this time, be cautious in checking an angle with a tooth, and as a post-operative measure, try to relieve the pain and to promote the healing of the patient. Thereafter, a gingival shape is formed.

12. Pulp capping (Diainfection/aterillization)
Preparation for pulp capping is performed and laser is irradiated. Be careful not to form a char layer, and laser is irradiated until the color of a tooth reached by the laser changed to brown.

13. Implant surgery
Laser is applied for gingival incision and suture during the implant surgery to minimize the bleeding and to promote the healing.

14. Hemostasis after tooth extraction
Laser is irradiated to an area where a tooth has been extracted and blood has been collected to form a black blood clot. Gauze is then employed to press the laser-irradiated area to cause the re-bleeding. The laser is again applied to the area to solidify the blood clot.

15. Herpetic stomatitis
The laser is irradiated until the inflammatory area is changed to while, maintaining a distance from which a body temperature is felt.


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